Frequently Asked Questions by Domain Owners

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What is OptOutByDomain.com?
OptOutByDomain.com is the first and only legitimate web site that allows you to opt out of email offers with all of your domain’s email addresses at once!

OptOutByDomain.com works hand in hand with the web site www.SUEaSpammer.com to actively pursue the senders of illegal junk email, also known as spam.

When you join OptOutByDomain.com you will cease receiving email from many third party email marketers including those listed to the right.

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Is OptOutByDomain.com CAN-SPAM Compliant?
Yes. OptOutByDomain.com is 100% CAN-SPAM Compliant! OptOut1 Networks has finished it’s study to determine if OptOutByDomain.com is CAN-SPAM Compliant and has the following report:

§§5[a](3)(a)(i) of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 provides for several ways for recipients to submit opt out requests.

They are:

(i) a recipient may use to submit,
  • in a manner specified in the message
  • a reply electronic mail message or
  • other form of Internet-based communication
requesting not to receive future commercial electronic mail messages from that sender at the electronic mail address where the message was received.

As long as you word your request to opt out as follows, it should hold up under CAN-SPAM:
Pursuant to §§5[a](3)(A)(i) of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 I wish to stop receiving future email from you sent to any email address belonging to the domains at optout1.com. Please read this Open Letter to email marketers for the specific details of this request.

You now have ten days as provided by §§5[a](4) of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 to stop sending me unwanted electronic mail.
To assure that the request is valid you may want to limit the delivery of this request to one of the following methods:
  • Email
  • Internet-based Fax
  • VOiP Telephone Calls
  • AIM, Messenger, Yahoo
  • Other Internet-based communication
Once you have done this they have ten days to stop. BE SURE TO DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!

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How much does it cost to join OptOutByDomain.com?
OptOutByDomain.com membership is totally FREE for individual domain owners. A premium membership option is available for domain owners that do not wish to participate in the “Honeypot” email forwarding as well as domain owners that wish to register multiple domains with us.

We will ALWAYS maintain a FREE membership option for individual domain owners as long as they donate at least one of their email addresses to us for the purpose of tracking, reporting and/or suing spam suspects.

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Can anyone add a domain to OptOutByDomain.com?
No. Only domain owners may add domains to OptOutByDomain.com. Joining OptOutByDomain.com requires verification by the domain owner. When a domain owner joins OptOutByDomain.com they are sent a confirmation email to an admin email address on record with the domain’s registrar. The domain owner must confirm their intentions by clicking a confirmation link in the email. If the confirmation link is not clicked, the domain will not be added to our list.

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Can any domain owner join OptOutByDomain.com?
No. Email providers that assign email accounts within their domains are not eligible. Domains like AOL.com, HotMail.com, EarthLink.net, Yahoo.com, etc are not allowed to join OptOutByDomain.com. Individual email account holders will need to get on a global Do Not Email (DNE) list. Membership in OptOutByDomain.com is reserverd for domain owners that retain ownership of all of their email addresses internally for their employees, family members or other internal uses.

Known spammers and their affiliates will also be banned from joining this list. Responsible Email Marketers that clean their lists with OptOutByDomain.com, however, are welcome with open arms as long as they have no open claims with SUEaSpammer.com and/or WebGuy.net. The email marketers that continue to clean their lists against the OptOutByDomain database each month are welcome to remain on the OptOutByDomain list as long as they wish.

Keep in mind that spammers typically register domains, use them for a few months, then allow them to expire. If you were to register a former spammer domain and receive a message that the domain is ineligible to join this list, just let us know by going here. We will be happy to verify the status of your domain and, if it qualifies, allow it to be added to the OptOutByDomain.com database.

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How do I know I won’t get more spam if I join this list?
There is no guarantee that you won’t get more spam, however, this is unlikely. While this list was just conceived in July 2004, our members are already enjoying a decrease in the amount of email offers they get. It will take some time before this list is acknowledged by the majority of email marketers.

Already we have been successful in getting the emailers at right to stop sending email to the domain owners on this list. We have also been successful in getting some email marketers who have requested to remain anonymous to cooperate with our opt out request. If an email marketer who has cleaned their list against our database at one time decides to begin emailing our members again at some point in the future they will be given a warning. If they do not heed the warning they will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

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Aren’t lists like this just a way to collect email addresses for spamming?
While it is true that spammers have set up Opt Out lists in the past as a way to obtain email addresses for spamming, OptOutByDomain.com is different in a number of ways.
  • There is nothing in our database that isn’t already readily available in the domain registrar whois databases
  • OptOutByDomain.com was started by WebGuy.net, an Oklahoma ISP who is actively suing spammers
  • OptOutByDomain.com will continue to actively cooperate with SUEaSpammer.com to prosecute violators of this domain opt out list to the fullest extent of the law
  • The domains in the OptOutByDomain.com database are continually monitored for violations by email marketers
  • Bulk emailers would have to be crazy to violate your opt out request once you add your domain to this list
  • We DO request that you provide ONE Honeypot email address to which you are currently receiving unwanted email offers
  • The only information that we share with third parties, other than your Honeypot email address, is the OptOutByDomain list itself
  • Domain admin email addresses, while readily available through whois lookups, are not shared with any third parties.
Check out OUR whois record. We aren’t spammers. We have nothing to hide.

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How do you know that OptOutByDomain.com will work?
Two reasons. First, because it is already working. The email marketers listed at right have honored our request to stop emailing us. Other email marketers that have requested that we do not list them have also honored our opt out list request.

Secondly, any email marketers that are stupid enough to ignore this list once they are made aware of it will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. We plan to hit them where it hurts and hit them hard.

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Why do you need a Honeypot email address when I join?
We need a way to verify that the senders of unwanted emails have honored our request to not send your domain any more email. While senders of email are allowed to send you ONE final email stating that they have removed you and instructions for where you can sign up using an email address that doesn’t contain a domain name that appears in the OptOutByDomain.com database.

By providing a Honeypot email address you, in effect, are fighting the war on spam without really lifting a finger. Domain owners with email addresses listed on their web sites are noticing that harvesting is on the rise. This list will eventually make it possible to take back your domain’s inbox. After forwarding to us your Honeypot email address(es) you are under no obligation to do anything else.

When spammers claim that you “opted in”, you can remind them that you did not receive notice from them that you were removed nor were you sent any instructions on how to sign up with an email address that doesn’t belong to a domain that appears on the OptOutByDomain.com list.

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What if I do not want to provide a Honeypot email address?
We offer two other memberships that do not require forwarding email addresses to us of any type. We have a premium membership for $1 per month to allow members to join without providing a honeypot email address. (Premium membership is currently FREE.).

We will also be offering a FREE membership for those domain owners that link to OptOut1 Networks.

Suing spammers is very expensive. As a premium member, your $12 annual Premium Membership fee will allow us to prosecute more spammers. We respect your choice to participate in our either or our regular FREE memberships if you choose not to become a Premium Member.