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Link Up

Take a proactive approach to opting out your domain. Put spammers on notice with a hyperlink to OptOut1 Networks.

Use the following code to link to OptOut1 Networks:

<!-- Begin OptOut1 Button --><center>
<br><font face=arial size=1 color=gray><a
href="http://www.optout1.com/"><img border=0
<br>Do not send any bulk<br>email to this
<!-- End OptOut1 Button Link -->

Do not send any bulk
email to this domain.

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Getting Started

As soon as you join OptOutByDomain.com you will probably want to start opting out your domain right away.

If you just joined, your domain(s) should be on our daily list within the next 5 minutes.

Click here to check our Daily list to see if your domain is listed.
(Be sure to hit REFRESH to see if it updated)

The daily list is updated every five minutes. Please check to verify that your domain name is on the list. If it isn’t, make sure you have validated the link(s) you received via email.

Before you attempt to Opt Out...

Once you have verified that your domain is listed on the daily list you can begin opting out your domain with email marketers. Remember, every time you bring this web site to an email marketers attention you are opting out ALL of the members of OptOutByDomain.com yourself included.

Make your Opt Out requests...

How to get started getting off spammer’s lists.

Call them on the telephone

Fax them a notice to stop emailing

Write them a certified letter